Welcome to DAGRIS

Information on the extent of existing diversity, characteristics and use of indigenous farm animal genetic resources in developing countries is the basis for their present as well as future sustainable utilization. In view of lack of a systematic database on this information, ILRI has been developing the Domestic Animal Genetic Resources Information System (DAGRIS) as a web-based electronic source of information on selected indigenous farm animal genetic resources (breeds/ecotypes of cattle, sheep, goats, chicken and pigs) with options to extend it further to cover geese, turkey and ducks. Its current geographic scope is Africa and selected Asian countries with an envisaged future coverage of developing countries in Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean.

The working objectives of DAGRIS are:

  • Compile and organize information on farm animal genetic resources from all available sources;
  • Maintain the integrity and validity of the information, and
  • Disseminate the information in a readily accessible way to all key stakeholders.